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Aerovane Jig user manual in pdf

   In December 2009, Firenock LLC introduced the Aerovane Jig to unleash the full potential of what the Aerovane can do.  Firenock is now offering our high precision Aerovane Jig, Aerovane Clamp, Laser Alignment Module, Instant Adhesive AG0600, and other accessories to fletch Aerovanes perfectly, easily, and quickly.  The Aerovane Jig can also be used to fletch other brands of vanes.

High Precision - Accurate up to 1/72° per Fletch
    One of the main features of the Aerovane Jig is the Aerovane Jig Index.  It is made of Level 3 hard anodized CNC aluminum supported by two ABEC#5 ceramic ball bearings to ensure perfect alignment and smoothness.  The arrow support hook is also supported by 2 ball bearings to allow for full support of the arrow and extra smooth operation.  A triple O-rings system plus a wedge design is used to ensure perfect arrow holding while fletching.  The dual magnet design allows precision angle adjustment.  Each magnet is supported by an independent 1mm per turn CNC machined screw which can be further tightened by hand for fine adjustment and locked down via an Allen key.  The hook knob and the depth screw are made from bar stock brass or stainless steel for maximum durability.  The use of an index plug ensures continued high quality future performance even after normal wear and tear; one just needs to replace the plug and the jig will again be within 1/72° accurate or better in precision.

Versatile arrow compatibility

To get perfect arrow alignment on the jig, an interchangeable precision chuck and hook system was developed. Firenock Aerovane Jig consists of 8 (7 fixed + 1 adjustable) chucks and 4 (3 slide + 1 adjustable) hooks.  (The chuck is tapered and precisely machined to provide zero play chuck interchange ability).  The ball bearing arrow support hooks are also color-coded for easy size identification.  The photo above shows all 3 slide hooks: Gold for 0.297" - 0.303" (common bolts, 22 size, Firenock C, D, F, J, M, Q and V style), Black for 0.240" - 0.248" (Gold Tip, Carbon Express, Firenock S style), Red for 0.200" - 0.205" (Axis, Trophy Ridge, Firenock A, 0, G style).  The chucks are made of 303 stainless with 3 O-rings (except for pin nock chuck which uses a clamp fit) for perfect alignment and solid grabbing of arrows.  For those who want maximum flexibility, an adjustable chuck and hook system is now available as an option to cover 0.115" to 0.667".  The video for installation is found below:

   All 3 slide hooks have slide ability to allow an offset of up to 1.5 degree to the right.  This ability allows you to set offset without the need to adjust the magnet and still be quite precise (±0.25 degree due to eyeballing).  The adjustable hook even has laser marking for accurate adjustability.  The offset ability is great for those who shoot slower speed arrows and/or use other vanes besides Aerovane.  All hooks are fitted with ball bearings for smooth operation and the ball bearings are supported by brass shoulder bolts to ensure the tolerance is close to ZERO. Below is a photo of the Laser Alignment Module mounted on an Aerovane Jig with the laser shining parallel to the vane, arrow shaft and jig index groove

Fletching Index
The Aerovane Jig comes with a 3 or 4 index as its standard configuration which allows one to fletch either a 2 or 3 vane configuration perfectly.  The 4 index points are 0, 120, 180, and 240 degrees.  Firenock also offers a 7 index in which the index points are 0, 60, 90, 120, 180, 240, and 270 degrees.  The 7 index allows one to do different vane configurations, even for crossbow bolts.  Below are 2 examples of 4 vane configurations fletched with the 7 index.

Aerovane Stainless Clamp
    A lot of magnetic based clamps are available for sale on the market, however almost none of them can satisfy today's demanding hunters and can achieve excellent fletching results even with the Aerovane 1/16” brass bar installed.  In response to this issue, Firenock has developed the Aerovane clamp with the 1/16” straight bar as part of the clamp itself.  The Aerovane clamp works similar to other clamps available on the market, but the Aerovane clamp is made of high precision die cast 303 stainless steel and then machined with a precision straightness that is up to 0.001".  For the pivot point, we utilize zirconia ceramic ball bearings for extra smooth operation and durability.  Plus they are virtually rust free.  The extra thick spring system with self alignment capability of the clamp provides a good hold of any vane even if the vane does not have an air channel like Aerovane does.  The clamp is also made shorter to better fit today’s popular shorter vane, but can still fletch vanes as long as 3.75”.  Perfectly straight fletching could be easily done with the use of the Aerovane clamp.  Of course, the Aerovane clamp is also a perfect companion accessory for the Aerovane Jig as well as other magnetic based fletching jigs.

   The Aerovane Jig is designed to be compatible with most magnetic based jig clamps on the market.  Although Firenock does make an excellent high precision 303 stainless Aerovane clamp, we do not make any helical clamps specific for the Aerovane Jig.  Thus your investment in clamps from Bitzenburger, Grayling, or Martin will not be wasted as they should be fully compatible with the Aerovane Jig.  Below is an Aerovane Jig with a helical and a straight Bitzenburger clamp (Note: the helical clamp needs to be shaved from the top to fit due to the need of center pivot on the clamp on a parallel magnet system).

Different Neck/Support for Professional/ Enthusiast / Production
   In a production environment an adjustment neck may not be needed which is why Firenock offers a solid 303 machined stainless steel neck for the Aerovane Jig which allows the Aerovane Jig to be easily mounted on a fletching turntable.  For the archery enthusiast, the adjustable neck allows one to achieve the optimum angle and position from a coffee table to a workbench with ease.  The solid black anodized aluminum base is designed to accommodate either neck.  Shown below is an Aerovane Jig with an adjustable chuck and hook set mounted on a production neck (top left), and the remaining 3 photos show the Aerovane Jig attached to an adjustable neck at different possible angles.

Aerovane Arrow Water Leveler
   In any bow set up and low viscosity gluing environment, a precision water level is a must to make sure the arrow is level.  That is why Firenock offers a precision Water level.  It is a piece of machined Aluminum with 4 ball bearings and a brass knob.  It has an open design so it can be put on an arrow from the side without threading from either end of an arrow.  The 4 ball bearings with high precision machined screws make the water level hold and swing smoothly on the arrow without wobble and make finding the balanced point easy.  The compact design makes it extreme portable, while the counter balance brass knob makes the water level extremely stable.

Laser Alignment Module for Perfect Refletching
   Upon requests from our customers, Firenock has come up with the best and no compromising Laser Alignment system.  The Aerovane Laser Alignment Module was developed to make vane re-fletching, alignment, and set up simple on the Aerovane Jig.  The high precision 3 lens optic system of the Laser Alignment Module emits a straight thin red laser (0.25 - 0.55mm width) on your arrow.  This ultra thin laser will allow you to re-align an arrow as well as re-fletch your vane to within 1/4" of degree via the jig's index.
    To achieve perfect alignment, best precision, and ease of use, the Aerovane Laser Alignment Module is designed to be mounted about 75 mm right above the Aerovane Jig via the 2 holes with 2 screws, with which the laser line will shine along the whole clamp as well as the vane and arrow horizontally.  With this optional Laser Alignment Module, perfect single vane re-fletching can be done by bare eyes (which is believed to be 1/4 to 1/16 of a degree accurate).  With this Laser Alignment Module, one can precisely make perfect alignment from a perfect centerline.  Not only will the Laser Alignment Module give a crisp red line on the arrow, the laser can even provide a good indication as to whether the vane is aligned perfectly as one can see whether the laser line is parallel with the clamp.
   For some customers who may not use Aerovanes, angle adjustments and setting position of the vane may still be needed.  By utilizing the 4-way adjustable neck, plus a single plane laser rotational adjustment, it is believed that it can now handle any possible vane position and copy the position via the jig.  Below is picture of the Laser Alignment Module mounted on an Aerovane Jig with the laser shining parallel on the vane, arrow shaft, and jig index groove.
Long Vane/Feather Adapter
   The Aerovane Jig Long Vane/Feather Adapter is made of CNC machined Aluminum and then silver anodized.  This adapter comes with a stainless steel hook screw and a brass washer as a kit.  This kit added 1.5" length to the standard Aerovane Jig.  This adapter makes the Aerovane Jig able to handle longer vanes and feathers that are up to 5.25 inches.  This adapter is backward compatible with all versions of the Aerovane Jig.  It is designed to fit with every single version of the hook and chuck set which make this a perfect companion accessory for a shop that uses the Aerovane Jig for all of their fletching.  The archery enthusiast now only needs to own one jig that can handle nearly all of his or her fletching needs.

Aerovane Jig Deluxe Carrying Case
   The Aerovane Jig Deluxe Carrying Case is made with rip-stop fabric and fitted with water cut foam and large size zippers.  The water cut foam is proudly American made in Iowa and custom made to securely hold every piece of the Aerovane jig.  The bag can be easily separately into 2 pieces, thus one can take what is needed while in the field.  There is room for the glue, acetone, q-tips, and some spare vanes.

Aerovane Jig Set and Accessories

Complete List of Aerovane Jig Set and Accessories




  (Ultimate Set)


Includes the jig, 4-way adjustable neck, base, clamp, 7 fixed chucks, 3 slide hooks, feather adapter, adjustable chuck, adjustable hook, laser, water level, with Aerovane Jig bag, a bottle of AG0600 glue and 4-oz acetone proof bottle.

  (Ultimate Set Plus)


Includes everything in Ultimate Set, plus an extra body with 7 index, hook knob, and with adjustable chuck pre-iustalled on the extra body.

  (Enthusiast Set)


Includes the jig, 4-way adjustable neck, base, clamp, 1 chuck and 1 hook, no case.

  (Basic Set)


Jig with 3 or 4 index, 1 fixed chuck and 1 slide hook

7 index


Add $10.00 when ordering a jig or pay $40.00 to send your jig in for upgrade which includes shipping back to the customer (this upgrade only available in North America)

  (Long Feather Adapter)


To accept 5" feather and vanes longer than the usual 3.75"

  (Laser Alignment Module)


Line laser alignment for precision fletching or re-fletching



4 -way adjustable neck

  (Production neck)


Stainless steel production neck

  (Aerovane Jig Base)


To be used with production neck or the 4-way adjustable neck

  (Aerovane Clamp)


303 Stainless steel clamp with extra large metal embedded for extra magnetic adhesion

  (Arrow Water leveler)


To indicate whether the arrow is level perfectly before gluing

  (Deluxe carrying case)


Deluxe case with water cut foam for best protection and storage

  (Adjustable Chuck)


Adjustable chuck to accept 0.115" to 0.667" size arrow/bolt

  (Adjustable Hook)


Adjustable hook to accept most size arrows/bolts

  (0.164”-0.168” Chuck)


Fixed Chuck for G nock/0.166" ID

  (0.200”-0.205” Chuck)


Fixed Chuck for A Style (X nock) arrow

  (0.225”-0.235” Chuck)


Fixed Chuck for E style (H nock) arrow

  (0.240”-0.250” Chuck)


Fixed Chuck for S style (S nock) arrow

  (0.283”-0.288” Chuck)


Fixed Chuck for Y style / Carbon Express crossbow arrow

  (0.297”-0.303” Chuck)


Fixed Chuck for V/D/J/Q style arrow/bolt

Pin nock Chuck


Fixed Chuck for Pin nock

  (0.202”-0.235” Slide Hook)


Slide Hook for 0.204" size arrow

  (0.244”-0.248” Slide Hook)


Slide Hook for 0.244" size arrow

  (0.285”-0.303” Slide Hook)


Slide Hook for 0.300" size arrow/bolt