Firenock Missile Arming Technology Inside
   Firenock LLC brings missile arming technology and reliability of modern electronics to the archery industry.  Firenock has successfully developed the ultra mini "G" switch which this mini G switch employed the same technology used for the 2nd stage arming switch in modern missiles and also for air bags in cars.  The working principle of G switch is simple, G switch can sense a specific acceleration upon which the missile can be armed and this technology eliminates accidental misfiring/self arming.  So Firenock will only be lit while it senses a change in speed and will not accidentally turn on or off by itself.

How does Firenock work?
    Firenock will be lit only when you shoot it out of a bow/crossbow (with no less than 65G).  In plain words, Firenock lighted nock senses the change in speed and then activate, thus Firenock does not need a magnet or a pull of the nock to switch on the LED.

How reliable is Firenock?
    Coupling ultra mini “G” switch technology, plus the latest IC based electronics and SMT technology (Surface Mount Technology), mathematically Firenock achieved 99.9% reliability. With the electronic control and directional G switch, the chance of accidental activation of Firenock is nearly zero as you can drop the arrow/bolt horizontally as high as 21'(7m)* and Firenock will not accidentally turn on by itself.

Does Firenock require magnet to activate?
   Unlike other lighted nocks, Firenock lighted nocks do not require a magnet for activation.  Firenock lighted nocks just work like magic; the LED activates when it is shot.  There is no need for an actuator magnet, actuator adapter, or sticker.  Firenock lighted nocks will not accidentally activate even exposing to a magnetic field.  There are no more issues if you lose your actuator (magnet) in the field or drop it from the tree stand.  Firenock lighted nocks are high-tech piece of equipment which were designed and engineered with the hunter in mind.

How to turn off Firenock?
    To switch off a lit Firenock lighted nock, just hold your arrow perpendicular to the ground and motionless for ~ 7 seconds* and then drop the nock against a semi hard surface (e.g. floor tile, tree bark etc.). Firenock lighted nock just works like magic.

Which Firenock will fit your arrows / crossbow arrows?
    To find out which style of Firenock lighted nock fits your arrows, click "Products" and then "Firenock selector" on  For more details of our products, please click “ Products ” on To purchase, please visit Firenock web store (

Features of Firenock lighted nocks
  1. Waterproof Ultra small electronic lighted nock system
      To achieve ultra light weight, extra high reliability, and small size, Firenock employed a double-sided SMT (Surface Mount Technology) electronic circuit board.  The components are mounted on both sides of the circuit board and then coated with UV (Ultra Violet) cure epoxy to make it highly water resistant.  According to our tests, this coating allows the circuit board to be submerged in water for up to 8 hours* with no ill effects.
  2. Ultra-mini "G" switch
      Firenock employs the first ever commercially manufactured ultra-mini "G" switch.  This single directional G switch size is only about 2mm in diameter and about 6mm in length.  It has a 4-axis tolerance of no less than 1,500G, which has never been employed in lighted nock applications except for Firenock lighted nocks.  With this technology, you can drop your arrow horizontally to the floor from as high as 21'(7m) without accidental activation of the lighted nock.  Magically, an 8 inch vertical drop on the nock will turn Firenock off (except for Target model) since the sensitivity of the G switch is directional, so you can turn Firenock off easily after use.  The G switch is 24K gold plated inside and hermetically sealed for extreme reliability and makes it corrosion proof.  With this unique G switch, failure rate of Firenock lighted nock is nearly zero.
  3. Replaceable nock and reusable electronic parts
      Most of the Firenock lighted nock electronic components are contained inside our precision molded nock (US Pat.).  This uniquely designed nock anchors and protects the heart of the system (Firenock circuit board) and allows Firenock circuit board to be removable from the nock.  Thus the Firenock nock is replaceable when the nock is worn out and Firenock circuit board can be reused.
  4. Tough against hit (i.e. Enhancing your rate of game recovery)
      Unlike other brands’ lighted nocks, Firenock lighted nocks will not fail even when the game keeps jumping or the arrow hits into solid objects like bone, wood or stone.  The toughness of Firenock lighted nocks is accomplished by the specially designed circuit (US Pat.).  Once the Firenock is activated, electronic control will kick in and Firenock will stay lit until the circuit is deactivated by the archer (see above: How to turn off Firenock?).  This unique feature significantly increases the probability of game recovery.
  5. Super light weight
      The Firenock lighted nock system usually only adds ~15 grain to your normal hunting arrow.  This makes the Firenock lighted nock the ultimate lighted nock system for today’s archers!
  6. Ultra bright LED
      High intensity focus beam LED up to 10000 lux* allows you to see Firenock under almost any lighting condition.  Under broad daylight, Firenock will let you see the entire arrow flight up to 120 yards*.  In total darkness, Firenock will let you see the flight up to hundreds of yards.
  7. Ultra long lasting
      The Firenock lighted nock system can stay continuous lit / blink 21 days* with a fresh BR battery.
  8. Easy battery installation
      All styles of Firenock lighted nocks are now equipped with easy coil system and extreme shock end cap system which allows you to install and remove the battery easily.
  9. Impact proof / speed proof
      All styles of Firenock lighted nocks come with the extreme shock end cap system to protect the battery and the system.  Thus Firenock lighted nocks will not fail even your arrow is over 300 fps hitting into hard objects such as stone, bone and even concrete (Note: Continuously Firenock shooting into hard object is not recommended).
  10. Designed in Illinois USA and US Patented
      Firenock lighted nock is proudly designed by Firenock LLC in Illinois USA and is US patented (US Patent # 7837580). All major components of Firenock lighted nocks are made in USA.

        With the above features, we believe that Firenock lighted nock system offers the most advanced, toughest, compact, versatile, lightest, brightest, and dependable lighted nock available on the present market.  Knowing the above: if you need a lighted nock for your archery setup, can you afford not to have Firenock lighted nocks for the moments when seeing the shot is everything?

     * Actual value may vary with LED color, battery and temperature.