The AeroBowString Serving Jig

Firenock, as a premium nock company, has always felt like a tire company.  To fit every customer’s needs, we must create “tires”, or products, to fit their “rims” of unknown shapes and sizes.  Over the years, many of our customers have told us that our nock to string fit is not ideal.  This led us to delve deeper and do some research.  As a result of our research, we decided that there is nothing wrong with our nocks, but with, instead, the serving of the string itself.  We discovered that when a string is originally served, there is [1] a inconsistency in pressure and [2] a lack of pressure.  How could and did we solve this problem?  We at Firenock present the AeroBow String Serving Jig (ABSSJ), designed to handle the high volume, high demand, and high tension process of string building that speificially involves the need to consistency hold pressure up to 5 KgF (vs. the average of 0.75 KgF) for an extended period of time.



ABSSJ utilizes a true drag system for tension control.

Just like most ultra high performance fishing reels, it has a nine-element drag system which consists of five graphite-weaved drag washers and four titanium drag washers.  This drag design allows the serving tension to be set up to 400% higher than what most other string serving jigs.  The drag system is pre-lubed with Teflon/PTFE drag grease, and it is also ready to be oil filled as the drag knob is fitted with dual O-rings.  The drag system can be used with a computer-controlled, brush-less motor-serving machine (~1,600 RPM) without pressure fading or component failure for professional string building environment.


 After receiving feedback from some commercial string builders, we learned that customers want a jig with size, but not heft and a jig that can last (since it would use for thread production.)  After taking these points into consideration, we worked to ensure that the key components of the ABSSJ unarguably fulfill these requirements.  In addition, we wanted to keep the design balanced as well.  To allow easy control during operation, the drag knob of our ABSSJ is larger than the spool-lock knob, yet hollow to keep the weight stabilized.  See below for a more in-depth explanation of all the pieces that make up the ABSSJ.

  1. Main Spool Shaft : The center pin for the entire serving jig, this machined pieced of GR5 titanium is what holds your spool in place.
  2. Main Body Frame : Involving indeed two CNC machined pieces of 7075T5 aluminum, this frame becomes one truly sturdy entity via a tongue and groove connection.
  3. Drag Cup : Used to tighten and control the drag.  For ABSSJ 1.2, we’ve added a “lip” to the side near the body for marking. 
  4. Spool Lock : Used to release and lock the main spool shaft to the jig body frame.  Designed for a solid grip.
  5. Frame Alignment Handles : A completely new addition to the ABSSJ for 1.2, these handles allow for spool removal with a minimum chance of changing the pressure. 
  6. Thread Rollers (3) : Thread rollers are on every serving jig in the market.  Designed to minimize the friction that comes from your thread being served at an angle, thread rollers until now could never literally withstand the pressure.  Made of hollow GR5 titanium and paired with 2 flange ball bearings each, these rollers will never wear.  Further, uniquely designed with the perfect slopes, they will guide your string at the lowest angle pressure every time.
  7. Thread Lock : Also new to the ABSSJ 1.2, this mini device made of 7075T5 aluminum ensures that the thread is always perpendicular to the thread guiding hole during the initial and stopping phase of string serving process.
  8. Main Body Shoulder Screws (not shown) : To doubly ensure the rigidity and alignment of the two sections of the main body frame, hidden within every ABSSJ are two shoulder screws mde of GR5 titanium.

Spare Spool : Made of 7075-T5 aluminum with type II level III finish for durability and strength.  ABSSJ spare spool is compatible with ABSSJ v1.0 and ABSSJ v1.2.  Available separately as an add-on accessory for those who need multiple spools for different threads/setups.

Spare Shaft for Spool with Drag System : Available separately as add on option for those who would like to quickly swap the entire spool/drag unit without changing the spool in order to retain preset pressure.