The AeroCrank™ Crossbow Crank: AD Series


The TenPoint AccuDraw is one of the most popular add-on crossbow cranks on the market. There are literally thousands of crossbows currently equipped with an AccuDraw on it; one of our partners, Scorpyd Crossbow, also offers them on their crossbows. After hearing from our customers however, we learned that current owners have some concerns. Learn about how we attempted to resolve those concerns via the AeroCrank-AD (ACAD) below.


Concern #1: Instant Reverse

The AeroCrank AD is a silent anti-reverse system.  Learn more about what that means on our AeroCrank page.  Specifically however, the ACAD has [1] a full size 12mm x 16mm one-way clutch bearing as anti-reverse, [2] a huge 35mm x 7mm drag-housing bearing, [3] a 6mm thrust bearing, [4] an anit-anti-reverse (see #2 for more detail) and [5] two flange-bearings for spool support.

Concern #2: De-cocking

The AeroCrank AD at its heart is a 300lb system that houses five titanium and six graphite washers. With a 3:1 gear ratio, this design far exceeds any ultra big game fishing reel systems currently available. All eleven drag plates are smuttered with DuPont™ Krytox®, a pure PTFE lubricant. This drag system is what can be used to safely de-cock any crossbow equipped with the AeroCrank AD.

Below are pictures of components that makes up the core of the ACAD main drag/drive shaft and what make it able to decock. From left to right (name and material used). For those with sharp eye and Engineering know how, there are 5 bearings on this shaft alone!:

  • Drab Knob Nut (GR5 Ti)

  • Drag Knob (303 Stainless)

  • Drag Knob Support Bearing

  • Drag Knob Spacer (304 Stainless)

  • Drag Cap (7075-T6 hard anodized)

  • Drag Plates 9 pc (Carbon 5, GR5 titanium 2x2)

  • Drag Drum/Pinion Gear (Stainless MIM)

  • Drag Drum Support Bearing

  • Thrust Bearing

  • Drive Shaft (GR5 Ti)

  • One Way/Clutch Bearing

  • Anti-Reverse Control Collar (7075-T5 Hard anodized)

  • Shaft Support Bearing


To make the de-cocking process even safer, we created something called we call an anti-anti-reverse release system. Unlike other instant anti-reverse systems, ACAD can not only immediately relieve extreme pressure after passing the maximum tightening threshold, it can, via its anti-anti-reverse release system, relieve practically 100% of that pressure. But how? Via a custom octagonal collar which houses a one-way clutch bearing. At disengagement, this collar-clutch bearing combination allows the main shaft to truly turn freely. A slide-wedge mechanism, made of CNC machined plastic, is indexed via a coil-spring and ceramic ball detent to further eliminates play.


Concern #3 & #4: Weight & Bulk

To make it lightweight, all parts of the crank are CNC machined with maximum skeletonization in mind. All parts that will be stressed and require extra strength have fasteners and parts made of GR5 titanium for absolute long-term durability and good looks. The main body of the ACAD is made out of 7075 aircraft grade aluminum, which boasts 80%+ the strength of stainless steel but only a fifth of its weight. Both the left and right sides of the body weight in at only four ounces each.

An aftereffect of the skeletonization is the smaller size at about 25% smaller of an average sized crossbow crank.


Concern #5: Handle Length

The handle of a crossbow crank is the only thing that connects the user to the device. Dorge, Firenock’s owner and founder, is an avid fisherman and is one who understands that thoroughly; it’s why the AeroCrank handle was designed with all the advanced features of a high-end, big game jigging reel. Instead of a simple knob, it is made from close cell EVA hard foam with a saltwater grade spindle which houses two sealed, stainless ball bearings. Both ends of the handle are tightened with a 304 stainless screw for extreme corrosion resistance. The beam is made of 7075-T5 aluminum with a type two level three natural finish. To allow the user to customize the leverage base, there is a total of five settings.  The nut is a standard driving 1/4” nut and an optional longer nut for clearing wide optics is also available.

For those who would prefer a little more leverage at times, AeroCrank extendable handle gives you the best of both worlds. It allows one to extend the handle at will up to two extra itches or to increment at 2/5” of an inch when needed. Additionally, compared to the weight of the standard handle (1.6 oz), the extended handle weights in at only add half an ounce.

Concern #6: String Replacement

The ACAD uses only the most advanced materials. Specifically, the ACAD spools are made out of 7075 AL and weight in at 0.3 ounces. Each has a simple thread-though hole to hold the 500lb-rated Dyneema® cord in place and to make string changes easy. This design is to provide a long-term, self-serviceable device, the AeroCrank-AD allows for quick and simple string replacement. Within five minute with just a T10 driver, a lighter, and a brad line scissors one wil be able to change the string: [1] remove the spool cover retainers screws, [2] remove the spool cover container, [3] remove the spool retainer screw, [4] remove the spool itself, [5] cut the cord end next to the spool, [6] pull the old cord out, [7] thread the hole with a new string, [8] tie a dead knot, and [9] burn the end to form a bulk end, [10] pull tight the cord from the sled end, [11] reinstall the spool, [10] Tighten back the spool retaining screw, [11] put the spool cover back on, [12] reinstall the cover retaining screws backs.


Concern #7: Installation

AeroCrank AD was developed to be a one for one replacement for the TenPoint AccuDraw and meant to be permanently mounted onto a crossbow. Note that although designed for efficient installation, we still recommend having the ACAD set up at a Firenock Certified and Trained Pro Shop.

AeroCrank-AD Part List

Note: The AeroCrank AD is only available from Scorpyd at purchase with a new crossbow until January 1st, 2021.