The AeroConcept Point Series

Indeed hollow in structure, the AeroConcept Point’s (US Patent # 944197) unique paradox of strength and lightness takes a standard glue-in point to another level. 


The AeroConcept Point (ACP) is a fusion of the original AeroInsert and AeroPoint As a descendent of the AeroInsert-H, ACP features the same benefits—Reverse Tapered Shoulder Technology which assists in self-concentricity and Double Shoulder Technology which allows the point to mate with immediately with a Carbon Inner Tube to form the AeroConcept System, excluding the AeroInsert and its weight from the equation entirely for those who prefer minimum frontal weight. Note that because the ACP has a reverse taper, it must be chamfered first (we recommend the use of the Arrow Chamfering Tool, see page 14.) 

Current AeroConcept Points weigh about 50-55 grain and are available in two sizes to fit either shafts with a 0.300” ID or a 0.315” ID. See the previous page for lists of popular arrows that these point can work with. 


AeroConcept Points 2.0 

Just in case you haven’t noticed, ACPs are not normal glue-in points. This is only proven more true by ACP2. Although our original standard AeroConcept Points (1.0) are now discontinued, the AeroConcept 2.0 has been and is a great replacement. The ACP2 is equipped with not only all the same technologies aforementioned but is also designed to add variable weight. With the use of an AeroConcept Point Weight (available in 10, 20, 30, or 40 grains), you can choose exactly how much weight you want at the front of your arrow. Additionally, ACP Weights boast a technology similar to FACT (patent pending) for more secure installation and concentricity. 

Note: ACP Weights must be installed via the AeroConcept Point Weight Installation Tool Set. See it below. 


AeroConcept Point Weight Installation Tool Set (ACPWTL)


This tool invovles two attachments that link a 1/4” Hex driver to a 0.166” arrow shaft (both not included) for easily switching out ACPW weights into an AeroConcept Point after its been installed.