All Arrow AeroComponents™

For high-speed archery projectiles over 400 fps, Firenock noticed that stock components available on the present market will not work properly.  To resolve this issue, Firenock developed a line of components dubbed the AeroComponents Series.  Such components are equipped with multiple Firenock US patented technologies to give you outstanding performance in terms of durability, accuracy, and functionality. The AeroComponents Series includes AeroPoints, AeroInserts, Carbon Inner Tubes, AeroConcept Points, AeroConcept Point Weights, AeroBushings, and AeroOutserts.  And, as of 2018, a new mini-series, the Destroyer Series, was added to the line. 


AeroConcept System: The Basics

AeroConcept System (US Patent # 9395166) involves an AeroInsert (AID or AIH only) with a Carbon Inner Tube.  Additionally, we at Firenock, of course, recommend our AeroPoint, AeroConcept Points, and Weights, or Firenock broadheads to complete your arrow end.  The question still remains, however, why include this Carbon Inner Tube?  Simply put, AeroConcept System not only strengthens and stiffens your arrow’s front end but also gives your arrow a variable spine (i.e. spine at the front and at the back are different).  The strengthening and stiffening effect’s cause is obvious -- by adding a completely new carbon tube within your shaft, the wall of your shaft is overall sturdier.  The effect of the variable spine is a little tricker.  To explain, consider this: your arrow oscillates during flight.  During this oscillation process, a lot of energy is lost.  This is because your shot arrow, as all objects with energy, needs to reach an equilibrium so it sporadically flexes and bends during initial flight to do so.  Now imagine, with a Carbon Inner Tube, that you shortened the radius of that oscillation significantly.  With this shorter radius, the cycle of oscillation is dampened -- in fact, harmonically dampened.  Your arrow stops flexing significantly faster and thus begins flying flat faster.  With your arrow equipped with the AeroConcept System and Aerovane II or III, it can even enter a gyro spin.

See a video demonstration how to build the basic AeroConcept System here.


AeroPoints take arrow execution to an all new level.

Most archers know aligning a field point or broadhead and an arrow perfectly is difficult because the neck and/or threads of a point often aren't concentric.  A hopeful mindset of "good enough" and "acceptable" is adopted.  With our Double O-ring System (FACT) featured in every AeroPoint (see a few examples above), such difficulties are a thing of the past. With its specifically positioned O-rings at the neck of the arrow point and just above the threads, the installation process will be effortless and flawless every time; the O-rings will force your AeroPoint to be self-concentric.  Further, with every shot, your point will only lock itself deeper and deeper in place.
    AeroPoints are designed to join with an AeroInsert-D/H and a Carbon Inner Tube to form the AeroConcept System.  As a part of the AeroConcept System, this point can allow you to expect amazingly straighter arrow flight due to a reduction in flight oscillation and a faster allowance into gyro.
   These points were made with specific purposes in mind.  For example, the 250 grain, 9mm AeroPoint in stainless is specifically made for indoor target whilst 175 grain, 9mm AeroPoint in stainless is specially made to match the weight of Firenock fixed crossbow broadhead, the Traumahawk, for practice.*

Note that, though an essential part of the ACS, AeroPoints are also sold and usable individually.

See below for information on the brand new Destroyer AeroPoints and AeroConcept Points .

AeroInsert™ (A, D & H)

AeroInserts are equipped with multiple US patented technologies. 

AeroInsert-A (AIA), first off, cannot be used in the AeroConcept System.  Nonetheless, its design and characteristics are essential to understanding the other AeroInserts. Loaded with both Self-Concentric Technology and Reverse Tapered Shoulder Technology, AeroInsert-A is the perfect insert.  By preparing your arrow with a 45-degree chamfering (see our recommended Arrow Chamfering Tool below), this insert, during installation, will force your arrow to mate with it perfectly.  The repeated shooting of your arrow will even further lock and improve the AeroInsert's concentricity to the arrow.  Also, the reverse taper will protect and strengthen your arrow even more so from mushrooming.*  Please note the maximum outside diameter each size can hold in order to function effectively.  Below is the technical diagram of AIA20A/S/T which shows maximum OD of 7.2 mm.

 Not all product shown are available as of 5/8/2018

Not all product shown are available as of 5/8/2018

AeroInsert-D (AID) is designed to fit arrows with 0.300" ID and 0.310" ID.  The "D" stands for "double shoulder."  Along with the featured Self-Concentric Technology of the original AeroInsert-A, AeroInsert-D has a large indented surface, or shoulder, to address the issue commonly found in other inserts: not enough adhesive space.  Small adhesive surfaces can cause an insert to easily dislodge itself from an arrow and consequently force the insert and arrow tip to move rearward and mushroom.  Besides its large adhesive shoulder, the second shoulder (double shoulder) is designed to perfectly mate with a smaller ID carbon shaft (i.e., Carbon Inner Tubes) to form the AeroConcept System.  Further, with a Carbon Inner Tube, your adhesive surface increases exponentially. 


AeroInsert-H (AIH) is truly best of both worlds, combining the best features of AeroInsert-A and AeroInsert-D.  Equipped with the same Double Shoulder Technology (US Patent # 8337342) of AID which allows you to perfectly mate it with ACS components, this insert also features Reverse Tapered Technology (US Patent # 8403777) which improves self-concetricity (AIA) and enhances your entire system (see AIH31A above).

 Not all shown are available as of 5/8/2018.

Not all shown are available as of 5/8/2018.

Again, note that, though an essential part of the ACS, AeroInsert-D and AeroInsert-H are also sold and usable individually;  AeroInsert- cannot be used in the ACS.

See below for information on the brand new Destroyer AeroInserts.

Carbon Inner Tubes (CTI)

Highly modular, Firenock Carbon Inner Tubes are precut to perfectly mate with AeroInsert-D or AeroInsert-H and AeroPoints to form the AeroConcept System.  The AeroConcept System strengthens and stiffens (i.e., increases the spine) the front end of your arrow without adding too much weight to the entire shaft. This tube also equips your arrow with a variable spine, causing harmonic dampening leading to oscillation cancellation (i.e., your arrow stops flexing and begins to fly straight faster). Furthermore, though the CTIs come to you with a length of 6 inches, you cut down its length to precisely adjust the weight of your entire arrow (e.g., a longer tube = greater weight, strength and faster arrow straightness recovery & vice versa).*


The Chamfering Tool


The Arrow Chamfering Tool (ACT) helps you create a perfect 45-degree chamfering to your arrow's end to mate with the Reverse Tapered Shoulder of an AeroInsert or AeroBushing.  The ACT is made of steel and it's grinding surface is diamond electro-plated.  It is extremely easy to use. Simply attach it to any drill, center your arrow into the tool and run the drill (~1500 rpm) for approximately three-seconds. Immediately after, your arrow is ready to glue in any components.  To clean, just thrown it in the dishwasher, dry, and it is ready to be used again.  Available in 100 grit and 180 grit. 

AeroConcept System: New Products for 2018

AeroConcept System Version 2.0


Just like the AeroConcept System 1.0, AeroConcept 2.0 (patent pending) involves a Carbon Inner Tube and AeroInsert.  Also similarly, version 2.0 can be mated with any field points or broadheads, but we at Firenock recommend our AeroPoints, AeroConcept Points and Weights, and broadheads (Traumahawk, Dagger, & SwingBlade).  The difference between the two is a drastic one: the inclusion of another Carbon Inner Tube on the front of the arrow behind the nock (or Firenock lighted nock system).  Imagine all the benefits of the AeroConcept System amplified 30-40%.

Destroyer™ Series AeroInserts & AeroPoints

Loaded with every technology available for AeroInserts and AeroPoints used so far, the Destroyer Series components meet the challenge of the harsh environment of Hunter and Pro Class 3D competitions head on. 

In total, there are three patents (plus one patent pending) represented in the Destroyer Series.  Starting with the AeroInserts, there are two technologies included in its design.  Boasting the same technologies as the AeroInsert-H, Double Shoulder Technology (US Patent # 8337342) and Reverse Tapered Technology (US Patent # 8403777), the Destroyer AeroInserts (ADH) are also equipped with a new forward 40 degree angle to perfectly mate with its AeroPoint counterpart (patent pending; independent claim).  As for the Destroyer AeroPoints (APD), which have a reverse 40 degree angle to join with a AeroInsert (patent pending; second independent claim), they also utilize the same FACT (US Patent # 8337341) Double O-ring System as our other AeroPoints.  

Past all the awesome advantages packed into these components, we ensured that the Destroyer Series would be compatible with the AeroConcept System.  With the installation of CTI310 (Carbon Tube Inner for 0.310”ID) and CTi30L (carbon Tuibe Inner for 0.300”ID Light), you can additionally experience the power of harmonic cancellation, shaft oscillation reduction, as well as a stronger frontal end. 

Current specs.  These new components are built to fit most popular 22/64” shaft / 0.300” ID and 23/64” OD shaft / 0.315” ID such as Firenock AeroWeave300, SportWeave300, and Black Eagle PS23, Challenger, Carbon-Express CXL, Element Rock, Easton Fatboy etc, (except the Easton SuperDrive 23 and Gold Tip 9.3 as their ID are 0.320” ID), respectively.  Firenock Destroyer AeroInserts are available in stainless steel and GR5 titanium.  Destroyer AeroPoints, on the other hand, are only availble in stainless steel and have an OD of 6 mm.  In terms of weight, our AeroPoints come in 45, 55, 65, and 75 grain.

AeroConcept™ Points & Weights

ACP is a hollow, variable weight glue-in point.


Indeed hollow in structure, AeroConcept Points’ (US Patent # 9,441,927) unique paradox of strength and lightness takes the AeroConcept System to another level.  A fusion of the original AeroPoint and AeroInsert, ACP is designed to join directly to a Carbon Inner Tube to form the AeroConcept System.  As a descent of AeroInsert, ACP features the same benefits that come with the use of Reverse Tapered Shoulder Technology and Double Shoulder Technology (see “AeroPoints” & “AeroInserts” for more information). Note that due to the ACP having a reverse taper, arrows that will be set up with AeroConcept Points must be chamfered first (we recommend the use of the Arrow Chamfering Tool.)
    Current AeroConcept Points will fit most 23/64” shaft and weigh about 50-55 grain.  With the use of an AeroConcept Point Weight (US Patent# 9,916,515; available in 10, 20, 30, or 40 grain), you can choose exactly how much weight you want at the front of your arrow.  Additionally, ACP Weights feature a technology similar to FACT Self-Cocentric Technology (patent pending).  All ACP Weights will be effortless to install (see our ACP Weight Installation Tool below) and will only lock itself more tightly in place as time goes on.*

ACP Weight Installation Tool

This tool set is especially designed to screw in your ACP weights by involving attachments that link a 1/4” Hex driver to a 0.166” arrow shaft (both not included).  See the diagram at the right to discover how this tool functions.

AeroSystem Components


Loaded with Square-in-a-circle Technology (US Patent # 8591152) and Reverse Tapered “Umbrella” Collar Technology (US Patent # 9212875), AeroBushings address the need for ultra lightweight and consistent archery projectiles on the nock side.

Traditionally, uni-bushings are made from bar stock, often weighing about 20-32 grain, and manufactured on a screw machine which only provides an approximate fit.  Commonly, target archers will attempt to alleviate this problem by using materials like plastic bags to shim fit a bushing, however this approach is never consistent.  Square in a Circle Technology is based off of the concept of “a square peg in a round hole,” and is indeed our unique take on uni-bushings.  Made of CNC machined aluminum, we created the perfect “square” to fit the diameter of your “circle” or arrow, to force your arrow to be concentric. Our patented Reverse Tapered “Umbrella” Collar Technology assists in the enforcement of your arrow to minimize the possibility of carbon fiber fray due to back hits.
    AeroBushing can be used with nocks with a 0.202” to 0.204” OD, but was specially designed with Firenock style “A” nock in mind.  Along with the benefits of concentricity, the square shape of the AeroBushing also results in a lighter weight.  With the Firenock “A” nock, used on a 23/64” arrow, weighing a little less than 5 grain, and our AeroBushings weighing as light as 7 grain, the back of your arrow will weigh only about 12 grain.  For a comparison, a traditional uni-bushing in the same context will weight 20 grains plus a “S” style for a total of 31 grain.  12 vs 31 grain...nuff’ said.*



AeroOutserts are specifically designed to strengthen the front of an ultra-slim arrow. 

Once upon a time, outserts were commonly found on the market.  Why aren’t they now?  Two reasons, one, arrows then were made in a way that disabled true concentricity between an outsert and a shaft and two, the outserts were lacking an essential design component (we’ll get to that in a bit).  So let’s break it down.  Back in the 80s, when outserts were still in use, the Outer Diameter (OD) and wall-thickness of an arrow, due to the lack of any formal procedures for the arrow grinding process, were too inconsistent. This caused concentricity to be near unattainable and caused the abandonment of outserts.  In 2012, however, with better technology and better manufacturing processes, we felt that it was time to re-introduce the outsert with our Firenock AeroOutsert.

    Made of high quality, forged 7075-T6 aluminum, AeroOutserts assist in perfecting concentricity and minimizing any wedging effects with its US patented (# 8,668,605) Blood Channels (that “essential design component”). The concentricity problem before arises in the fact that the OD and wall-thickness of an arrow were undependable.  Today while the ODs of ultra-slim arrows have in fact become more reliable, wall-thicknesses have not.  And yet, the market now still attempts to make components like inserts which concentricity counts on those very variables.  UItra-slim arrows are just that -- ultra-slim.  Attempting to make concentric an insert or even a half-out insert fit along with a point into such a small shaft is near impossible.  The wall-thickness for this class of arrow is just too imbalanced and unequal due to the center-less grind process used. But, past all that, AeroOutsert, on the other hand, is installed onto that Outer Diameter (OD) that is now more reliable.**

    Finally, to the perimeter wedging effect (i.e. any warping that causes your arrow to get stuck within a target) that is minimized with our US patented Blood Channels.  In short, our Blood Channels are a plurality of axial slots which are machined over the outer perimeter of an AeroOutsert, gradually tapering inward towards its center line.  With these channels, the AeroOutset can relieve most of the pressure that will build up over the arrow, thus reducing the wedging effect.  Wholly, AeroOutsert and its unique design is self-concentric and allows you to pull your arrow out from a penetrated object easily, all still with a reduction in weight and an increase in strength.*

**Such reliability is dependent on how you install your AeroOutsert. See this video to learn the best way to do so.

*To unleash the full potential of any AeroComponents, you need good tools as well as good glues.  That is why we have introduced tools such as APS (Arrow Preparation System) and PAPS (Professional Arrow Preparation System) and glues such as Aerovane AGUSSE and AG0GEL in order to prepare and build your arrows accurately.