All Arrow AeroComponents™

Firenock AeroComponents are equipped with multiple Firenock US patented technologies to give you outstanding performance in terms of durability, accuracy, and functionality. Specifically, there are nearly one hundred components available. We’ve organized them into two lines for your convenience below, AeroSystem and AeroConcept (explained below). If you’d prefer to explore our components by product category, click one of the icons.


AeroConcept 1.0


The AeroConcept System (ACS) involves four elements, three of which are familiar to most—an arrow shaft, an insert, and a point (see diagram above). The last element of the ACS, unique to Firneock is a “Carbon Inner Tube”. This tube, as suggested, is made of carbon and intended to sit within an arrow shaft. Specifically, it’s designed for installation with an AeroInsert-H, creating one large insert unit. The question still remains however, why include this Carbon Inner Tube? Well, the AeroConcept System, via this extra element, will not only strengthen your arrow’s front end, but also gives your arrow a variable spine (i.e. spine at the front and at the back are different). These effects’ cause is obvious. By adding—i.e. gluing with the intention of melding—a new, smaller carbon tube into your shaft, the overall wall thickness increases at the front, stiffening and generally reinforcing it. The reason why a variable spine matters is a bit trickier. To explain, first recall the oscillation cycle of a standard arrow from the AeroFlight 101 spread. Now, realize that due to the additon of the CTI, the spine is higher near the front than everywhere else. This distinction means that the radius of that oscillation is shortened significantly. And due to that shorter radius, the cycle of oscillation is dampened—in fact, harmonically dampened (US Patent # 9395166). Your arrow stops flexing significantly faster and thus begins flying flat faster. With your arrow equipped with the AeroConcept System and Aerovane II or III, it can even enter a gyro spin. 

Additionally, an aftereffect of the AeroConcept System is how it extends a node into something we call a “null zone” (marked above in red). This shift allows for more arrow forgiveness since there’s an actual entire area to accurately postion your arrow rest at pull back instead of a singular point. Learn more about why this matters from the AeroFlight 101 spread. 

AeroConcept 2.0

The AeroConcept System 2.0 (ACS2), introduced in 2018, involves all four elements of the ACS but with the supplement of another Carbon Inner Tube at the back of an arrow behind the nock or Firenock lighted nock system (US Patent # 9982975). To understand the benefits of the ACS2, just imagine those of the ACS and then amplify them by 30-40%. The aforementioned radius of oscillation is even smaller, allowing for further energy retention. An arrow equipped with ACS2 will fly yet flatter and therefore a higher POI (point of impact).