The Arrow AeroRests

AeroRest is believed to be the most advanced rest on the present market.  Proudly designed in the state of Illinois in the United States and utilizing US Patents # 8875687 and # 8967133, AeroRest is truly singular in its design.  It has three supports for arrow containment, each with ceramic ball bearings that act as the arrow’s contact points and its tension-adjustable supports.  CNC precision processed and built with materials like titanium and aircraft aluminum, we believe AeroRest is one of the lightest and most accurate rests on the market.

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AeroRest is initially similar to other full containment arrow rests on the market, but after a closer look at the technical design, you can discover how unique it truly is.

   As briefly touched on above, the AeroRest’s unique system not only eliminates friction between your arrow and rest, but also guides your arrow during launch.  Here's a breakdown of how that "unique system" does just that.

  1. Three Fingers : Designed to achieve the smallest contact surface physically possible, there is virtually no friction while shooting. How do these fingers execute such a feat? The answer, is math. On a circle or sphere, the plane that touches its curved surface is called a tangent. That “plane” is actually a point. With two or three fingers having one point of contact each, our still AeroRest remains a full containment system with the minimum amount of friction.

  2. Ceramic Ball Bearings : As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the supports are topped with a sphere or ball. With the ball bearings being made of ceramic, one of the hardest materials in the world, the tangents or points of contact are even smaller; the roundness is ensured. Under these first ball bearings in each of these supports is another ceramic ball bearings, making a total of six ball bearings. And under all those ball bearings is a spring, thus three springs total. With this two ball bearings and spring design, you can fine adjust the suspension system of each support to perfectly match the flex of your arrow, making you shoot faster, straighter and more accurately.

  3. Magic 96-Degree Design : For AeroRests with a cock vane down design, between the two lower fingers, there is exactly 96-degrees of separation. This perfect amount of separation allows the AeroRest to shoot ultra slim, slim and standard arrows -- shafts with an OD or outside diameter from 4mm to 12mm -- with only three simple setup steps described in the manual.

The Complete AeroRest Series

There are two main versions of AeroRest: Standard and Micro-adjust.  As pictured on the previous page, there are two versions of the Standard AeroRest (SAR).  The only difference between the two micro-adjust AeroRests are their sidebars.  ARST00 is made from 7075T5 aluminium, finished with a Type II Level 3 anodization, is laser marked with guidelines.  The ARST0H, on the other hand, boasts a GT5 titanium side bar that is in its machined to be hollow.  Although the titanium is more expensive to obtain and machine, due to the lack of finish, both sidebars (and thus AeroRests) are the same price. Additionally, since 2017, both Standard AeroRests come with a new, longer bow mount (see far left below) to allow the use of two AeroRest mounting screws for stability, reliablilty and to eliminate the need for set screws.  Note that, two of the Firenock hollow titaniunm arrow rest screws will still weigh less than half one standard arrow rest mounting screw.

The Micro-adjust AeroRest

Firenock Micro-adjust AeroRest (MAAR) utilizes the same C-frame as the standard AeroRest.  Thus, all that is great about the Standard AeroRest applies to the Micro-adjust verion.  The MAAR's ability to micro-adjust is so special that it is US patented (#8,967,133).  But what indeed is so special about it? The answer lies in MAAR's capacity to adjust both vertically and horizontally at the same time with only one fastener.  Both axes are  based on the vernier scale micrometer, which means that by "micro," we mean possible visible adjustments as fine as 0.1mm per direction.  

To accommodate nearly any vertical bow in the market, there are currently two side bar lengths to choose from during purchase.  The standard one can extend up to 15mm from the AeroRest mounitng surface, while the longer one allows another 10mm for 25mm.  This longer side bar has proven to accommodate bow risers with a sight window portion as thick as 1.25".  For other bow design which have a cable guide very close to the top of the MAAR (ARM100), the knob to make adjustments cannot be use efficiently or in some cases, cannot be installed at all.  We thus offer ARM102 which's bow mount is equipped with two ball bearings.  Instead of the single flange ball bearing at the bottom to support the vertical adjustment screw and knob, another flange ball bearing is also present at the base on the knob.  This will allow one to swap the position of the knob from the top to the bottom easily for simpler use.

And here is a video detailing all the information you learned above and more (2014).


Top 10 Features

  1. Frictionless Shooting : Ceramic contact surface eliminates almost all friction between the arrow and the rest itself.

  2. Fully Contained System : Three fingers ensure that your arrow is always contained within the rest.

  3. No-Wear Surface : Industrial grade ABEC#5 ceramic ball bearings mean perpetual roundness and smoothness.

  4. Camouflaged Sound : Each of the three arrow supports are loaded with two ceramic ball bearings suspended by a beryllium copper spring to provide smooth operation. During draw and launch, the produced sound replicates that of hard wood being rubbed.

  5. Super Light : AeroRest is about one ounce as a result of the usage of new generation materials like ceramic and beryllium copper.

  6. Ultra-Hard, Type III Anodized Finish : The major components of the AeroRest are Type III anodized for durability and for its natural olive green color.

  7. GR2/GR5 Titanium Fasteners & Spacers : Spacers are made of GR5 titanium. All additional fasteners are made of GR2 titanium. Overall making them 45% lighter than ordinary steel materials and completely non-corrosive.

  8. Fits Most Arrow Sizes : AeroRest can be altered with spacers to accept arrow shaft sizes as small as 0.156” to as large as 0.365”. Further, with the removal of the top support, AeroRest can accept arrow shaft sizes as large as 0.45”.

  9. Optional Micro-Adjustable Design : For even more adjust-ability, the Micro Adjustable AeroRest has a built-in micrometer to enable very fine adjustments (0.1mm) during target shooting or during in-field hunting (see next page.)

  10. Left & Right-hand Shooter Friendly : AeroRest has a mirror image design which allows AeroRest to be used universally.