The AeroInsert-H Series


AeroInsert-H (AIH) is our insert for the AeroConcept System. Loaded not only with Reverse Tapered Technology (US Patent # 8403777) from AeroInsert-A which improves arrow self-concentricity (see page 14 for more information) but also Double Shoulder Technology (US Patent # 8337342) from the now discontinued AeroInsert-D, AeroInsert-H is truly the best of both worlds; “H” for hybrid. 

To clarify, in this instance, a “shoulder” is a large indented surface. For Double Shoulder Technology, the first shoulder is designed to address the issue commonly found in other inserts—not enough adhesive space. Small adhesive surfaces can cause an insert to easily dislodge itself from an arrow and consequently force the insert and arrow tip to move rearward and mushroom. Beside the first shoulder, the second shoulder (hence “double shoulder”) is designed to perfectly mate with a smaller ID carbon shaft (i.e. Carbon Inner Tubes) to form the AeroConcept System. Further, with a Carbon Inner Tube, your adhesive surface increases exponentially. 


The Chamfering Tool


The Arrow Chamfering Tool (ACT) creates perfect 45 degree chamfering to the end of an arow to mate with the Reverse Tapered Shoulder of an AeroInsert-A, an AeroInsert-H or an AeroBushing. The ACT is made of steel and its grinding surface is diamond electro-plated. It’s extremely easy to use. Simply attach it to any drill, place your arrow at the center of the tool and run the drill (~1500 rpm) for approximately three seconds. Immediately after, your arrow is ready to glue in any components. To clean, just thrown it in the dishwasher, dry, and it is ready to be used again. Available in 100 grit and 180 grit.