What is Firenock®?


Firenock is the most advanced lighted nock system on the present market.    

Firenock employs both Missile-Arming ;Technology, which means that it lights up once fired, and a miniaturized directional G-switch, which means that it does not require any sort of actuator to turn on/off (US Patent # 7837580).  Firenock is super durable, remaining lit after hitting hard objects (bone, stone or concrete) if the game is moving vigorously, or even if it is submerged into water for weeks with the Hydro Bow-Fishing Adaptor.

Firenock is also available in 3 light functions to match your needs:  Hunting (H), the most common light function that can stay lit for up to 21 days, this capacity is perfect for white tail, bear, and any other big game. Target (T), perfect for practice, target shooting, and bow-fishing, this capacity automatically turns off after 17 seconds (See GQ20 here for more information). Intermittent or blinking (I), used for ground blind shooting and perfect for turkey and other small game, this capacity can blink for up to 21 days (See GQ21 here for more information).  Finally, to handle different climates and environments, Firenock also offers three types of batteries (BR / BL / BU)

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14 Styles

With the 2018 addition of the "U" nock, the Firenock lineup now offers styles to fit nearly all vertical bow arrows and now every crossbow serving size, from 0.115” to 0.165".


52 Colors

Whether hunting indoors or outdoors, shooting at daybreak or dusk, or red blue or green colorblind, we have perfect color combination for your Firenock system.


Thousands of Options

Whether it be which lighted nock as well as LED color, light function, and battery type; all to match your hunting / shooting / lighting / temperature requirements, YOU make the decisions every step of the way.

Firenock Lighted Nock System Details

See our FAQ pages (here, here or here) for any additional questions.

New for 2018

Firenock lighted nock system is the most versatile and most advanced lighted nock system.  There are currently 14 styles of Firenock lighted nocks available to fit and replace most arrows on the market. For 2017, we made some changes to the Firenock nock styles.  “0” style has been discontinued and is no longer needed as the new and improved “G” nock now utilizes its patented oval rip compression technology (to fit 0.165” to 0.1665” ID shafts).  We also replaced the old “C” nock with the “M” nock to enable nearly all our crossbow lighted nock systems to ultilize the same end cap tool (besides “Y” style; to fit 0.280-0285” ID shafts).  Finally, for the target shooter, “G” and “A” styles became available in two more colors each, smoke and wood.  This year, with the addition of the “U” style nock (US Patent # D717389: “D” & “J” style as well), we can proudly announce that we have a lighted system for known every crossbow bolt serving size.



Arguably the most significant feature of the lighted nock system, Firenock’s complete interchangability is truly what sets it apart from others.  Our system boasts four main components (see “S” style to the left) -- [1] the nock, [2] the circuit, [3] the battery, and [4] the end cap.  See, the polycarbonate nocks are not only highly precise and highly light transmissionable, but also boast a patented slide and lock system.  This feature allows for the field replacement process to be very simple.  When a nock has been shot through an animal or through into the earth, a new nock can be easily replaced by removing the circuit and reinserting it into a new one.  To exemplify their great interchangeability, note this: all Firenock nock styles -- C, D, D2, F, J, M, Q, S,U, V and Y;  A & E; G -- are compatible with all Firenock circuits -- H,T and I; N & K; Z & 0 circuits respectively.  

And of course, just for clarification, for those who don’t want to shoot a lighted nock but want to take of the advanced design of the  Firenock polycarbonate nocks, “plain” nocks are available as well at our webstore.


Circuit: EZ-Coil System

Due to many requests for a simpler connection between the battery and the circuit, as of 2014, the dual-loop crosslock system has been replaced by our original standard: the EZ-Coil.  As its name suggests, the EZ-Coil allows the processes of installation and removal to be easier than ever.  We also added a new Stack-Coil connection system in 2014 which is on the Firenock Z and 0(zero) series circuits.  The design of the Stack-Coil is neede due to space limitiation.  The inside of a 0.166" class arrow is only 4.216 mm while the battery is 4.0mm in diameter.  Below shows all three wire systems on a battery of Firenock since 2006 till today.



Since the very first version, the field changeabliliy of our batteries have also been one of the most important and desirable features of the Firenock lighted nock system.  Our main goal during the design process was to ensure that you could change your battery in the field without a tool.  That has and we promise that this will stay true.

We offer three styles of batteries (BR, BL, BU).  Our standard “BR” battery is the most powerful.  However, due to that power, the BR battery has a relatively short shelf life, so we only offer BR batteries from August to December.  Other alternatives to the “BR” batteries and their limited shelf life are the “BL” and “BU” batteries.  With the BL battery boasting three years of shelf life and the BU boasting seven after the year of manufacture, there is an exchange of power.  The BU is the most stable battery, but only has about 85% of the power of the BL battery, which only has about 60% of the power of the BR battery.

To summarize why we at Firenock believe that we have offered a complete power solution for archers using the Firenock lighted nock system, below is a list of recommended uses for each of the types of batteries available to all our customers:

  • “BR” is the ideal single fall season battery. It can handle temperatures as low as -17°F, but no higher than +80°F and has a shelf life of about 8 - 12 months.

  • “BL” is the ideal all seasons battery, handling most low to the highest hunting temperatures in the US.

  • “BU” is the ultimate back up battery. You can keep it in your backpack for years and use it in emergencies.


Please note that although some Firenock batteries have a longer shelf life than one year, if you leave any of the batteries installed in the circuit for over nine months, the battery will be drained.  

Extreme Shock End Caps

With the replacement of the dual-loop crosslock system and the start of the EZcoil standard came a need for a new system standard.  Due to the design of the EZcoil, Extreme Shock End Caps (ESEC), which were optional before, are now a must.  Today, all styles of Firenocks come with ESEC and ESEC Installation tools.  After years of testing, the ESECs have proven again and again that they are truly the best insurance policy you can have for both normal and crossbow arrows for any speed or terms.


Practice Matched Weights

For those who would like to conserve their lighted nock systems (esp. the circuit) for hunting or competition only, we at Firenock created an optional accessory, the Practice Matched Weight Packs, for, as its label implies, practicing purposes.  Directly put, these packs allow you to create a perfect dupe for your Firenock lighted nock system.  Included within a pack are three green (for ease of identification) nocks, three ESECs, their O-rings, and three indeed “matched” or identical weights with the same distribution of weight as your Firenock lighted nock system circuit and battery.  No re-tuning  thusly necessary.



With all of the above features, we at Firenock believe that we have the most advanced lighted nock system in the world.  Our lighted nocks are the most dependable and versatile, the lightest and brightest, and we have the widest choice of colors available on the market today.  If you are looking for the finest quality lighted nocks, then you can’t afford not to use Firenock lighted nocks for your arrows.  We are committed to developing and providing our customers with the very best equipment money can buy.  

For any additional questions, see our FAQ pages here, here or here.

Also, for clarification on the types of packs we have available, see this page.