The Aerovane® Glue Series

Firenock offers three specially formulated and bottled adhesive (AG0600, AG0GEL and AGUSSE) for today's archers to fletch vanes and build arrows with truly excellent results.


Aerovane AG0600

To perfectly fletch Aerovane and other vanes, Firenock specially formulated AG0600. 


Curing in nine seconds and ready to shoot in twelve, AG0600 is best used for fletching Aerovanes or other vanes with the use of the Firenock Aerovane Jig and the Aerovane Stainless Straight Clamp at room temperature.  As a standard, AG0600 comes with the industrial grade, high precision Luer-Lock System, which allows you to dispense glue precisely and accurately.  Custom built, the bottle is specifically designed for ease during both holding and squeezing, and the applicator (22 gauge stainless tip) is also removable and replaceable. See Notes for recommendations, tips, and warnings.

And here is a demonstration on how to use AG0600 for fletching Aerovane with the Firenock Aerovane Jig..

Aerovane AG0GEL

 AG0GEL is best for installing Firenock Extreme Shock End Caps, re-fletching Aerovanes or other vanes, and fletching offset configuration.


AG0GEL is perfect for filling gaps and has a very quick dry time. AG0GEL is a single component cyanoacrylate instant super GEL glue, resulting in the bonds AGOGEL makes with most surfaces with gaps up to 0.2 mm in diameter happen in seconds. AG0GEL, like AG0600, contains no stabilizer and unlike AG0600 has a low viscosity, which characteristics allow it to be able to be applied in tricky places that require the glue not to flow (e.g.  offset configuration, refletching as surface is not perfectly flat), its shelf life is only a year after manufacture.  Additionally, AG0GEL requires no mixing or heating and can be used on a wide variety of materials.  Each package comes with three 24-gauge plastic Lure-Lock applicator tips. See Notes for recommendations, tips, and warnings.

Aerovane AGUSSE

AGUSSE is best for building Firenock AeroConcept arrows, which involve gluing AeroInserts, AeroOutserts, and Carbon Inner Tubes, as well as gluing other outserts, halfouts and carbon internal tubings. 


AGUSSE is a two part epoxy that will set in 90 minutes and will cure around 24-36 hours at room temperature.  It can fill gaps up to 1mm and has the ability to flex even when cured.  Note that AGUSSE has a long work time (~90 minutes to set at room temperature), for enough time to build your arrows. See notes for recommendations, tips, and warnings.


  1. AG0600 and AG0GEL have no stabilizers so they only have a shelf life of only one year after manufacture.

  2. All Aerovane Glue is 100% dissolvable in acetone (which is very readily available in local department stores.)

  3. All Aerovane Glue should be stored in their original containers, at room temperature, and out of direct sunlight.

  4. DO NOT use acetone to clean the Luer-Lock tip as acetone is an active debonder for the glue. Luer-Lock tips are one time use only.

  5. Extra Luer-Lock tips can be purchased separately in a 12 pack for US$9.95 at most authorized Firenock dealers or here.