Patents, Licenses & Trademarks

Lighted nock for archery arrow

Arrow vane apparatus and method

Arrow tip

Hybrid arrow insert

Device adapted for use as a shooting sight

Arrow insert with an undercut head

Arrow prep system

Method and apparatus for shaft tuning 

Stubby full containment nock for crossbow

Arrow outsert

Tangent point arrow rest

Nock bushing, square peg in a round hole

Two-axis micro-adjusting device with a single lock

 Device and method for locating first natural bend

Archery bow cam string stop

Tubular axle for archery bow cam

Nock bushing umbrella protection system

Expanding broadhead

Arrow shaft with double wall

Field points for double walled arrow shafts

Archery bow with a cam timing bell

Crossbow string cocking device

Vibration dampening limb bolt

Dual opposite rotating gyro stabilizer

Swing blade broadhead

Dual rotor gyroscopic stabilization system

Titanium stabilizer rod for an archery bow

Variable Weighted Arrow Tip

Arrow Shaft having a Reinforced Nock End

Product: Firenock lighted nock systems

Product: Aerovane I, Aerovane II & Aerovane III

Product: AeroPoint   Licensed: RamCat & Hartcraft

Product: AeroInsert-D, AeroInsert-HAeroBolt

Product: iBowSight  Licensed: Intellisight

Product: AeroInsert-A, AeroInsert-H

Product: APS

Product: PAPS

Product: "J" Style nock

Product: AeroOutsert

Product: AeroRest

Product: AeroBushing

Product:  AeroRest MicroAdjust

Product: PAPS or see above

Product: Titanium Bow Upgrade Kits

Product: TBA

Product: AeroBushing

Product: TBA

Product: AeroConcept 1.0 System

Product: AeroConcept Points

Product: TBA

Product: AeroCrank

Product: TBA

Product: TBA

Product: SwinghBlade Broadhead

Product: TBA

Product: AeroStab

Product: AeroConcept 2.0 Points

Product: AeroConcept 2.0 System








Lightning Nock®




The Most Advanced Lighted Nock®

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