Ravin Crossbow Upgrades by Firenock


The Ravin crossbows, loved by many, leave a lot of room for customization, optimization, and upgrades. For all current series (R9, R15, R10, R20, R26, and R29), we offer many accessories: AeroBolt®, Firenock®, Titanium Fastener Upgrade Kits, Hollow Titanium Axles, and the AeroRest™.



The Firenock Arrow

All Ravin crossbows, with the exception of the R10 and R26 (20”), require a minimum of a 21” projectile. With the use of a Ravin AeroRest however, that minimum changes. In addition, we suggest a 22” projectile.

Custom-built, the Firenock AeroBolt Series (II & III) crossbow arrows can be cut down to any length and thus can be used on any Ravin crossbow.  Additionally, all AeroBolts, at purchase, can be built for a 2, 3 or 4 vane configuration.

For those who want to use the Ravin for ultra big game, the AeroBolt II Dragon Slayer is also available. From our research, Ravin OEM arrow rest is know to handle maximum arrow weight of no more than 450 grains. In order to use these big game crossbow arrows which can weight upwards of 1,200 grains, Firenock AeroRest for Ravin is recommended.

Note : Like all common crossbow arrows on the market, the internal diameter of all AeroBolt is 0.300" for simple and easy nock style and crossbow exchanges.

Titanium Fastener Kit

Here, while its light weight offers a 50% reduction in weight, titanium's rigidity is the less known but much more significant characteristic. Although admittedly acknowledged and employed for years, the application of it within the archery sphere has only been correctly apprehended by Firenock.  See, with such rigidity, overall vibration is minimized which leads to the consumption of excess energy.  Why might you want to have excess energy absorbed?   Because then your bow will then shake less and shoot calmer.  Learn more about this specific concept here in our use of titanium in our stabilizer, the AeroStab, or click the "Learn More" button to the left below to explore more about what our kits entail.



The Firenock®

As of today, Firenock offers a total of 14 nock styles. Of those 14, two are well-suited for serving sizes often found on crossbows such as Ravins. As always, to ensure that the system will shoot correctly, the nock must clip onto the string perfectly. Note the next few sentences to understand how a crossbow’s serving size will affect your Firenock nock’s clip capacity. For any Ravin crossbows which boast a 0.132" OD serving, “U” is the best option. On the other hand, for any Ravin crossbows which possess a 0.122” OD serving, “C” is the best option.

Like many of our Firenock styles, "U" and "C" are offered in a plethora of colors. With three options for the color of nock and six options for the color of the LED, there is a total of 18 color combinations for each style. Additionally, there are up to three different functions of light: solidly lit, solidly lit for 6 seconds and then blink, and auto shut-off 17 seconds after fired.

Disclaimer: Firenock does not make nocks for Ravin crossbows or any specific type of crossbows. All Firenock nocks are and have always been designed to fit particular IDs of shafts with specific ODs of string servings. Please check and double-check the exact fit of your nocks via your string serving or bodily harm could occur.

Hollow Titanium Axles

An option available at purchase with a titanium fastener kit for Ravin crossbows are the hollow titanium axles. Why should you purchase a pair? Well, first off, there is an 80% reduction in weight. Next, like all products made of titanium, these axles will last forever; they’re rust-proof and like aforementioned in the Kit for Ravin section, ultra-rigid. Consider this: your cam is the focal point of the kinetic energy being exerted on your crossbow and at 400+ fps, there’s a lot of that energy to go around. With a hollow titanium axle as the backbone for each of your cams, the output of all that energy will be more focused.

The Twin Pulley Cable System


This dual US Patented (#9,243,861 and #9,243,719) product is designed to solve the root causes of Ravin cable stretch issues. We shall be providing a bolt-on system that involved two custom 420 stainless; hardened to at least 53HRC parts, four titanium screws, and two cables.

Yes, you heard me right, two cables instead of 4 and it fits most Ravin crossbows. You will be replacing the Ravin 4 cables with just this simple bolt-on kit with zero modification on the bows beside the four screws change and thread the two cables.

Here are the benefits to this dual US Patented design. The upper and lower cables are self-timed. This virtually eliminated cam lean due to cable length differences. By having a longer cable, it is much easier to make the string and keep them in spec. If you know string making, making any bus cables as short as Ravin requires is not just technically challenging to make, it is darn close to impossible to make 4 of them identical and keep all four synced without a press and keep twisting the cables frequently. Due to an increase in cable length. The shock-absorbing of the new system makes the bow quieter.

Here is what the system looks like on a Ravin R10 on the upper left picture. This system does not include the bowstring. So you should keep using whatever string you find best for you. This system is designed to be bolt-on accessories for all Ravin bows. There will eventually be three kits to fit the (R9, R10), (R15, R20, R29), and R26.

Last, it is not a Ravin authorized part. Therefore you may lose your factory warranty if you chose this if you are the original purchase of the bow within the first five years, just like you change anything on the bow. However, like all Firenock brand products, you have our 30 days no-fault warranty, exchange, and refund when you purchase from us from our web store.

The kit includes:

  1. 2 pc - 420 53 HRC harden stainless pulley

  2. 4 pc - Titanium 10-24 x 5/8" Flat head screws

  3. 2 pc - Custom length cables

The Firenock® AeroRests

Many who had used the Ravin crossbows for long-range precision shooting understand it takes a lot of effort to tune and maintain one. In some cases, the plastic rollers on the factory rests can and will wear out to the point of disuse. The Ravin AeroRests is our solution.

Like all AeroRests, the Ravin AeroRests’ are long-lasting. Their bodies are made of 7075T5 aluminum and each of their three fingers full of spring-loaded ceramic ball bearings. But what are the unique features do the Ravin AeroRests have that others do not? Well, all three, to fit snuggly at the front of the crossbow, have a uniquely designed and machined frame. And within that frame is a water level. The placement of that water level, however, depends on the model of the Ravin AeroRest, On the RAV1, the water level is right beside the top finger. On the RAV2 (see the picture on the left for a top-down view), RAV3, the water level is elevated about an inch up for a scope, and for those that do not need one, RAV0 do not have any. More on the RAV3 and its patented (US Pat:10,415,924) capacity for micro-adjustment soon.

Please note that due to its unique design, all projectiles using AeroRest on a Ravin crossbow must have a three vane configuration with cock vane down.

All Ravin AeroRests come with custom GR5 titanium screws and copper spacers.