2018: SwingBlade™


SwingBlade™is a mechanical broadhead that utilizes a deployment system never before seen.  As its name implies, the three blades on a SwingBlade deploy by swinging out from their clasped position upon impact.  This design allows it to be used on high-speed archery projectiles (550 fps) with accuracy due to a minimum crosswind signature during flight (3/4" for Falcon & Raptor blades).  As shown in the adjacent diagrams.  Further, designed as a completely interchangeable series, the head, blades, and bodies can be field swapped.


the HEAd

As of the 2018 release, there is currently one head. 

The SwingBlade standard head is made of stainless steel.  It has a sharp edge pyramid design.  The three channels of the head are deigned to allow the screws that unite the head with the body to be flush to the base of the head for structural integrity.  These channels additionally lower the surface contact, acting instead as air ram chambers and blood flow channels during its cutting phase.


THe BladeS

As of the 2018 release, there are two blades available for purchase, the Falcon and Raptor. 

Both blades utilize the single bevel front and back design.  They both are made of 0.5 mm/0.020" thick surgical grade stainless steel hardened to no less than 52 HRC.

When SwingBlade is equipped with Falcon Blades, it is the quietest of all Firenock broadheads.  Though these blades are designed with a high cutting angle, there is still a minimum amount of drag effect when it passes through wind. 

The Raptor Blade was designed to address very strict no-barbing laws.  Although both blades utilize the same front and back single bevel design, the fact that the back side of the Falcon Blade exceeds 90 degrees can make it illegal to use in some states. Thus, the Raptor Blade has a backward angle of exactly 89 degrees to rectify the legal issue.



As of the 2018 release, there are three bodies available for purchase, the aluminum, and two stainless steel. 

All three bodies, like all Firenock broadheads and field points, are equipped with FACT, our Double O-ring system that helps self-concentricity. 

The aluminum body will weigh 22 grain while the two stainless will weigh 47 grain and 72 grain to form 75, 100 and 125-grain complete broadhead respectively.  For simplicity, the last digit of the item code is A, S, and H, which stand for Aluminum, Stainless, and Heavy Stainless.