Titanium Fastener Upgrade Kits 

Our kits fully replace your bow's original heavy and rustable bolts, screws and cam stops for titanium ones.  All bolts, screws and cam stops* in the Titanium Fastener Upgrade Kits are made of high-grade titanium with the highest desired accuracy and are about half of weight of factory ones (can be cut down to as little as 25% with our titanium hollow fasteners) originally installed on your bow.  Also, for any fasteners that are in need of an extra boost, we have them custom made.


Your bow will look new even after hunting in the harshest environments as Titanium will never rust.


Your bow will vibrate less as heavy focus masses (such as limb bolts) are replaced by significantly lighter fasteners.


Your bow will become lighter, especially while you are holding your bow with your arm out straight.

Please note that the bow/crossbow upgrades kits app will always be a work in progress as new bows comes out every year and old bows are added.  What is shown on Firenock webstore will always be the most current offering by Firenock LLC.

When purchasing Titanium Fastener Upgrade Kits, you can choose from two options: the Basic Kit or the Advanced Kit. The Basic Kit always includes limb bolts, sight screws and arrow rest screws.  The quantity of each is according to your preference during checkout.  The Advanced Kit, on the other hand, includes all/most** of the bolts, screws, cam stops, and other specialty parts on your bow. You can discover if we have a kit for your bow here.  If your bow is not in our database, please contact us and we shall try our best to build one for your favorite bow.

Specialty Parts

For certain parts of specific bows that we found a bit lacking, we at Firenock custom designed specialty parts made of GR5 titanium.  For example, we offer titanium shoulder bearing screws bolts for Hoyt bows, limb pocket pivot hold screws for the Bowtech RPM, cable stop screws for the PSE DNA which has cable stop screws, etc. See a complete list to the right and some examples below. 

Titanium Cam Stop (US Pat 9,097,486)

Firenock currently has seven different designs of cam stops. Each of these cam stops boast two or more of the forthcoming features.  To start, all seven exploit  titanium by utilizing its properties of lightness and rigidity. Some of our cam stops go further in this exploitation by increasing their diameter but decreasing their wall thickness to ultra-thin.  Due to this special design, our cam stops weigh up to 80%+ lighter than factory.  Another unique design detail used for some of our cam stops is a wider base, which increases the contact surface between the cam stop and the cam, thus minimized the chance of cam deformation due to high pressure during tightening and pull back (and again, because of the properties of titanium, the extra materials used to make that base won't effect the weight too much).  Lastly, arguably the most important feature is our use of O-rings. See, instead of the use of a sleeve of rubber on the cam for dampening, all Firenock titanium cam stops utilize multiple O-rings (no less than 5). Continuously moving along their cam stops, these O-rings can and will never deform or crack.

With the installation of Firenock titanium cam stops, your cam will become lighter which not only increases the rotational speed of the cam, but also decreases the torque stress that is applied to the cam at each launch cycle.  In short, your bow becomes more stable, balanced, and efficient -- ultimately causing your arrow to achieve a higher launch speed and point of Impact (POI)***. 

*Disclaimer : Firenock LLC is not and will not be responsible for if and when a fastener length is incorrect and/or not up-to-date as we may not have access to the latest changes from each manufacturer.  We shall not be responsible for any warranty claims, injury claims, product claims, etc.  Thus, though our standard 30-day exchange/refund policy does apply to these kits, the purchasing and installation of a Firenock Titanium Fastener Upgrade Kit is at your own risk.

**Please note that some bows are equipped with non-typical sized or shaped fasteners, and thus our kits may not be include all titanium replacement.  See listing of what is included with each package.

***Due to bow and cam design your result may vary.

Sample List of Custom Titanium Bow Parts (2018)

  • Barrel Nut for 3/8"-16

  • Barrel Nut for 3/8"-24

  • Barrel Nut for 5/16"-18

  • Bowtech Carbon Riser Limb Bolt

  • Bowtech Hollow 3/8”-24 x 2 1/4” Bolt

  • Bowtech Mating Limb Pocket Hold Set

  • Bowtech Undercut Head 5/16”-18 x 2” Bolt

  • Button 3/8”-24 x 3/4” Hollow Screw

  • Button 5/16”-24 x 3/8” W1/2" Hollow Screw

  • Button 5/16”-24 x 3/8” W1/2" Hollow Screw

  • Button 5/16”-24 x 3/8” W1/2" Hollow Screw

  • Cable Guard Bearing Long Shoulder Screw

  • Cable Guard Bearing Short Shoulder Screw

  • Expedition/Obsession Cam Stop

  • Extra Heavy Duty Cam Stop w/Screw

  • Flat 3/8”-24 x 3/4” Hollow Screw

  • Flat 5/16”-18 x 2” Hollow Bolt

  • Flat 5/16”-24 x 3/4” W1/2" Hollow Screw

  • Flat Dome 3/8”-24 x 2” Hollow Bolt

  • Large Hollow Cam Stop

  • Mid Width Cam Stop

  • PSE 2.78” Hollow Limb Pocket Bar

  • PSE 3.08” Hollow Limb Pocket Bar

  • PSE 3/8"-24 Barrel Nut

  • PSE Cam Stop w/Screw

  • PSE LAS™ Barrel with Side Control

  • PSE LAS™ Side Control Nut

  • PSE Old Style Quiver Hollow Screw

  • PSE Tac 15 Elite Cable Guard

  • PSE Tac 15i Hollow Cable Guard

  • Slim Cam Stop w/Screw

  • Socket 5/16”-18 x 2 1/4” Hollow Bolt

  • Stabilizer Nut

  • Stud 5/16"-24 x 1 1/2" Hollow Stabilizer Stud

  • Stud 5/16"-24 x 1" Hollow Stabilizer Stud

  • Stud 5/16"-24 x 2 3/4" Hollow Stabilizer Stud

  • Stud 5/16"-24 x 2" Hollow Stabilizer Stud

  • Stud 5/16"-24 x 3/4" Hollow Stabilizer Stud